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.....then your closet becomes clean and money shows up!


1. Consign your items! Consignors earn a percentage of their sales, less a consignor fee. No need to volunteer or go meet someone somewhere. We do the selling for you.

2. Valet Consignor - No time to tag? We can help! Valet tagging for Spring is now closed. 

3. JBF On Demand - Get your items out of your house now.  You contact us, our buyer meets with you to browse your items and you make money on the spot.

Register to Consign


The 5 C's to Successful Consigning

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Clean - Make sure your items are clean (free of stains, odor, rips and tears). Buttons are buttoned and snaps are snapped! Cut little threads that may be frayed and make your items look like new.

Clearly Labeled - Use the description feature in MyJBFTags.com to call out brand names and unique selling points for your items. Remember, your tags will be handled a lot - make sure they are securely attached to all items with a tagging gun, safety pins or clear tape.

Complete- If you have the original boxes, bring the items in tact. All pieces need to be included, electronics must work and items cannot appear on any recall list!

Cheap - Price your items to sell! You did all the work, you don't want to bring these items home again! Reduce your items for our 50% off day - you will be glad you did!

Cha Ching! - an average JBF consignor can make over $300...think of what you can do with that extra CA$H. 



Drop off times:

Thursday, May 2nd 5pm-9pm

Friday, May 3rd 9am-noon

What To Expect At Drop Off:

Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Bring in one item and your consignor waiver in and get checked in.

2. Grab a cart and unload the rest of your items.

3. Once place items on the sales floor (we will have people around to assist)

4. Once all of your items are put out on the floor, head to consignor check out.  We'll double check your empty bins & boxes and you'll be on your way!

5. That's it!  Head home & watch your sales grow. :)


Pick up time:

Sunday, May 6 7pm-9pm

What To Expect At Pick Up:

We recommend bringing your own bin or bags to transport any unsold items home. You are able to send someone else to pick up your items just make sure they have your consignor #.

When you get to the expo building, you will pull in the loading dock area, just like for drop off. Once you've parked, Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Check in with the greeter and get a checked in.

2. A Consignor Pick Up Team Member will escort you around to your items. All items will be sorted into consignor #. Make sure you bring your consignor # with you to pick up.

3. Head to the clothing racks/tables and look for your consignor #, they will be in alphabetical order.

4. Once you've grabbed your items and we've double checked them, complete your pick up verification and you're on your way.



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General Consignor

Consignor Responsible for Putting Items On Sales Floor

General Consignor (Clothes All Marked Donate)

Special Drop Off Privileges.
We Pay Registration Booking Fee.
Consignor Responsible for Putting Items On Sales Floor


Try Express Drop-Off!

You work hard to get your items ready - let us help you put them on the selling floor.

Bring your prepared items (tagged, on hangers, in size order) and we will put them out on the selling floor for a small aditional fee.

25-100 items $10.00 (Cash paid at drop off.  No cash, no drop off accepted)

More than 100 items $1.00 for each group of 10 items.


Interested?? Of course you are! Email me at nicoleday@jbfsale.com to schedule your appointment and gain an hour back in your schedule!


Drop off Instructions:

Be sure to print and complete your Consignor Agreement and bring it with you along with your cash drop off fee.
Bring your completed 2 Car Seat Checklists and carseat, if applicable.
Check in at the desk with one tagged item, once you have submitted your consignor waiver and drop off fee, you can unload your items right inside the door. That's it! We will put your items on the sales floor and inspect them as we go.

Email us to get more information and schedule your express dropoff.


Have you wanted to consign your items, but couldn't find the time?  Then Valet Consigning may be for you!

Here are the details:

1.  Valet Consignors earn 40-45% on their sold items less a $30 consignor fee.

2. Valet Consignors organize their items & then drop off their items to the Valet Tagger, the Tagger preps and prices their items and drops them off at the sale.

3. Additional Fees may apply for supplies.

4.  Valet Consignors have the option of picking up unsold items or donating them at the end of the sale.

5.  Valet Consignors receive their check at the same time as other consignors.

Email us for more information and reserve your Valet Spot.


Consignment Options Fee Overview

General Consignor Fee = $15.00 Receive 60% of Sold Items


Valet Consignor Fee = $32.64 + supplies Receive 40-45% of Sold Items